The Race is on..

Jonathon Butler of Stanley wrote a comment today on one of our previous postings.  with his permission I have posted it, un-edited, below.  Want to contribute to the blog, make a comment, raise an issue, e-mail me…

The candidates have all now been disclosed, we have 12 for Stanley and 5 seats available, so the competition is on, thus far we have seen Glen Ross and Andrea Clausen issue their manifesto. For me and my vote for what it is worth, I am wanting to see the Government Finance to be controlled and a group of Councillor’s who are wishing to create policy and direction rather than be lead by senior figures into a spiral that in a few short years will bankrupt the Islands.

I would also like to see a robust stance on Foreign Policy and someone to look at the current shortage of employment for those under the age of 18 and belong to the Islands. This is just a couple of issues that I am looking for in a manifesto.

Jonathan Butler – Stanley


3 Responses to “The Race is on..”

  1. Kelper ! Says:

    Hear hear. I would like to see a single constituency, we all live here, why is it always a split between Stanley and the Camp, them and us?
    All eligable voters should get to choose who serves our community for the next 4 years.

  2. Norman Besley-Clark Says:

    The Race is on.
    Or They are Off to a SHAKY Start.

    The letter of 21st October, from the AG’s department, may well have been a reaction to my enquiry.

    Of the Chief Returning Officer,regarding Section C-Election Candidates Guidance which refers to Election expenses”Which may be subject to change etc” Note ends’For confirmation of the current expenses limits,please contact the Returning Officer.
    Which I, duly did,only to find the aforesaid officer out of the country!

    However the farce continued,when the Attorney General issued a further
    E-Mail on the 23rd October stating his previous E-Mail was incorrect,and advising Candidates of the correct information.

    Bearing in mind this is not a Snap Election,the Administration has had FOUR YEARS to prepare.
    It does not bode well for the remaining procedures.

    More to the point,I do not expect such Elementary Mistakes from two Senior Members of the Administration who collectively Cost The Tax Payer in Excess
    of £180,000 PA in Salaries

  3. Cathy H Says:

    I disagree with the idea of a single constituency as the majority of voters live in Stanley and naturally would vote for those with their best interests at heart, therefore Camp would be unfairly represented.

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