I have become aware, through various channels, that people are cautious of my involvement in the blog, so for clarity…


I am not acting as an FIG Officer, I am acting as a private individual who is very internet aware and is keen, as an individual, to explore how we can better communicate via the internet in a modern world.  I am not allowed, as an FIG Officer, to either be seen to or to influence any election, hence why there will be no issues raised by me, nor will there be opinions offered – it is the role of a facilitator I seek.


This is not a Media Trust blog and I am not acting in my role as chair of the Trust.  I see this blog very much in the same light as the planned, but now potentially cancelled, public meeting arranged by another FIG officer who also sits on the Trust, it is simply a way of stimulating debate and giving the candidates another medium in which to spread their word.


I am very much aware that this medium is not for all, and you the reader should not read anything into the fact that certain candidates have not, or will not, post their manifestos.  I spoke to a candidate who is standing; he clearly supported the idea of the blog but openly said it was not his way of promoting himself, he will not be posting anything on the blog.


Blogs are a modern equivalent to an open meeting with a moderator keeping order, that is all.  Either you choose to come along and speak at a meeting or you just sit back and listen, either way the channels of communication are open to you.  332 hits so far say a lot about how popular the blog could be…


Candidates, use the free advertising space to promote yourself if you wish, voters, feel free to open debates that are close to your heart, either way there is nothing to fear from a blog and moderation will only be used to maintain order and to stop defamatory or inflammatory comments from creeping in.


Steve Dent – Stanley


4 Responses to “Clarity…”

  1. Cathy H Says:

    I just wanted to say well done Steve for this excellent idea. This is the Islands future we are discussing here and any information we can get and other people’s opinions on the election and related topics is a benefit to all who participate.
    I know you well enough to know that you will not be discouraged by the ‘ Doubting Thomases ‘. As you know most new ideas whether bad or good are often met with critique, happens the world over!

  2. Clare C Says:

    I think this blog is an excellent idea, and I will be watching it with interest. I will also contribute if I can think of anything interesting to say, since I don’t believe that being an employee of FIG should disqualify anyone from taking an active part in the democratic process. Clearly for those in the higher offices of government an active involvement in politics could involve a conflict of interest, but setting up a place for other people to air their views doesn’t seem to constitute anything like that.
    I would urge any of the candidates to get involved in this type of communication, despite the understandable wariness of the relatively unknown. In Camp, in the absence of television and often radio, the internet is what keeps us in touch. The West is an island of facebook addicts: if you want to reach people, this is the future.

  3. Ben C Says:

    I think the election 09 blog is a good idea, its about time we utilised the internet for open discussions on topics and issues that affect us. However there certainly are people who are not comfortable with such open forums, I have seen this blog refered to by one of our election candidates, in writing, as “the Steve Dent media circus”.

  4. Kelper ! Says:

    I totaly agree with the 3 persons that have comented so far……Those who do not obviously are not in agreement with the whole “open Government policy”

    It would be nice if something along these lines could contine even after the elections. Like a online public meeting so to speak.
    I, for one do not like attending public meetings for the simple fact that our elected members seem to enjoy be-littleing people who ask questions. This would be a great way for the questions to be asked without the embarasment of standing up in public.

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