Election Candidate: Norman Besley-Clark

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A number of the Electorate of differing ages have expressed to me, their disappointment and despair of the previous Council and their decisions.

This has been further exacerbated with the redundancies of two Senior Civil Servants

Together with appointment of additional Contract Officers to new posts.

There are currently some 74 Contract Officers within Government, if you were a cynic it would appear as Ethnic Cleansing by Stealth.

There are reasons for these Professional’s being here, it is because we are not producing the talent.

If you were to take a more positive viewpoint you would see this as a damning indictment of our current Education System, which has no linkage with career prospects within Civil Service, and indeed their is no clear pathway for advancement from within the Civil Service.



Whilst I am very much aware of the gravity,of the current World Recession and the Budgeting responsibilities that entails.

Good Governance is not a Business.

It’s about people and Community

There is a Tendency to focus on the Standard of Living and all of the Inherent over Regulation, by doing so, we loose sight of our quality of life.




There is a desperate shortage of housing .

Government must build housing suitable for both married and single persons,together with purpose built units for Senior Citizens.

Government must also return to providing serviced Plots of Land at realistic prices to enable our young to access the housing ladder.

This would halt the current unsightly trend of high density building.


Poverty Threshold


I have produced a Poverty Threshold Baseline,you may well ask why .

It is a measure by which Government are able to equate the minimum level of Income to achieve an adequate standard of living.

There are many ways to define poverty

I have used the minimum expenditure needed to maintain a tolerable life.

I have used FIG Housing Rent as a base line figure for accommodation and NHS guidelines on nutrition for eating.



& Utilities  

Food Total
Single Person £4,647.36 £3,349.32 £7,996.68 
Two Persons £7,412.40 £6,698.64 £14,111.04 
Three Persons £8,250.00 £10,047.96 £18,297.96 
Four Persons £9,790.20 £13,397.28 £23,187.48







We need to urgently address the repopulation of camp and stop paying lip service to it.

FIGAS current service to camp is unacceptable. 

The ferry service neds an urgent re-think



Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

We continue to experience Argentine agression in one form or another. Whilst it continues to behave like an adolescent democracy there is no room for complacency.  We must continue to attend all the current forums to claim our fundamental right to self determination, we must alter our PR strategy to engage the guy in the streetto inform them of the facts regarding their mythical misconception of their claim.





We must continue to provide our Health Care   I would support the reintroduction of MSL 

Our children are our investment for the future we must ensure therefore, that an equal opportunity for success is available


My pledge to you

I will strive to seek far more Transparency within   Government and far more accountability                 

I will also strive to achieve improved engagement    with The Electorate

I will also strive for less FIG PLC 

and a little more FIG TLC 

The reason I am standing for Election is to represent YOUR interests. 

If you looking for a fresh perspective on your council then Vote for me


Should you want to discuss any of the above

Please contact me

16 Ross Road West






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