Election Candidate – Jacqueline Cotter

About me

I am 27 years old. I came to the Falklands in 1992 and consider the Falklands to be my home. I have been through the Falkland education system and have a law degree. I have been married for three years to Antoine.

Reasons for standing

To facilitate change for the benefit of younger members of society and to give a voice to their concerns and needs with the inclusion of other social groups.

I would seek to provide a more common sense approach to politics. I believe that there needs to be more interaction and accountability between the public and their elected representatives.

I do not believe that families should be penalised by the withdrawal of child benefit. This should be available to all children regardless of their parent’s financial situation.

I would like to see the introduction of a rent to buy scheme for first-time buyers, at a reasonable price. The idea would be that a house is built which has the option of either entering Government stock or is available to the tenant to buy. The tenant pays a type of rent every month as usual and some of that rent is used to purchase the property over time.


The Falkland Islands Government needs to make stronger decisions in regard to Argentina and stand by the implications of them.

Self Determination

Under the UN Charter I believe it is our absolute right to continue our allegiance with Britain and the people of the Falkland Islands have a right to be heard.

Economic and Fiscal Management

I understand that finances are tight but there needs to be a balance between saving for the ‘rainy day’ and investing in projects for the long-term sustainability of Falkland Islands.

I would seek to explore any alternative ways of funding and investment in the Falkland Islands.


I believe that children should be given every opportunity to fulfil their ambitions. In order to achieve this children should be given the best quality of teaching here and abroad. I would like to encourage investment in young people from the private sector through a sponsorship scheme.

Transport and Communications

The next Council must make a firm decision on the new port development.

I would like to see a safer MPA road by the filling of ditches.


It is difficult for an expanding population to receive free health care indefinitely. I would like to reinstall a medical service levy provided that is solely for the medical department and only charged once.


There should be a thorough look at the needs of people in Camp. I would like to see what the Rural Development Strategy determines.


There needs to be a careful balance between tourism, conservation and commercial development including oil and fisheries.

Life and Community Safety

We should support the Police and other Emergency services to ensure they have the equipment to fulfil their responsibilities to the public.


I would like there to be a better understanding of the needs of people in the Islands and acting upon these particularly relating to housing, employment and pensions. Ignoring this section of society may result in these individuals leaving the Islands and taking their skills with them.

It is essential to develop the Falkland Islands for the needs of the people here and now. There needs to be active progression and development in all areas not complacency.

I am aware that I do not hold a vast knowledge, which a Councillor may require. I welcome input from the public. There has not been a young representative on council for over thirty years and I hope by standing to demonstrate that is possible, regardless of age and perceived inexperience to be a valuable representative.

If you believe I can make a difference, please vote for me on November 5th.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Cotter

Mobile: 55473



One Response to “Election Candidate – Jacqueline Cotter”

  1. Anon Says:


    I think it’s a shame that your manifesto and your various public appearances have been so ‘light’…

    You have great potential as a politician, and I think you have very much wasted your opportunity… only time will tell.

    Young, well educated politicians are what we need more of, along with more experienced colleagues to show them the ropes, I fear you will not be successful in this election…

    we will see what the numbers show next Thursday


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