From Gilbert House

Review of Government – major outcomes Executive Council paper number 233/08 was made available to the public and press on 11 February 2009 by way of a Press Release.  This information was in the Penguin News, broadcast over FIRS and was a sent to SeAled PR (for distribution to members of the Rural Business Association), the Chamber of Commerce and is posted on the FIG website under Media Centre – News – February 2009


Anyone requiring a copy of the paper should contact the Office of the Legislative Assembly on telephone 27451 or email


One Response to “From Gilbert House”

  1. Anon Says:

    I have got to say I struggle to understand any one who says that they were not consulted over the review, especially civil servants… the CE himself visited every FIG Dept. and gave an opportunity for discussion, working groups were formed across all elvels and ultimately the review was passed by EXCO….

    whether people feel they were listened to is another factor, however we all had the ear of a member or two, I am sure if the outcry was so loud they would have spoken up!!


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