Has the Poll been useful?

We are now into the penultimate day before voting, has this poll been useful? On Tuesday 3rd November, this blog had 866 hits. A good percentage voted. Has the poll been popular amongst viewers, please comment on how it could be improved or what you would like to see after the 5th November.


4 Responses to “Has the Poll been useful?”

  1. Steve Vincent Says:

    Very useful insight before the real thing on Thursday. Perhaps we should move towards internet voting as the standard election process – easier than going along to the Town Hall!

    I wish whoever gets elected good luck in what’s sure to be an interesting 4 year term.

  2. Adam Says:

    An excellent start and a sure sign of the way we should be going in the future. The ability to check and comment on manifestos online is brilliant and candidates should really be encouraged to do it more next time.

    A blog format is perhaps not the best way to do it, it can be difficult to follow discussions you are not directly involved in and catching up can be tedious, but it certainly is the easiest to setup and is far better than anything else out there for this election.

    Next time a proper discussion forum would be great and more participation from the candidates, full marks (and maybe a vote or two) to those who have used this opportunity to communicate directly with the voters.

    Well done to all involved in setting this up. Welcome to the 21st century Falkland Islands!

    • Falklands09 Says:

      Thanks Adam, Steve Dent set it up and I took over from him last week, we can hopefully improve on the blog and keep it going once the new members are elected. Today we have had over 1200 hits already and still rising! Jonathan

  3. fan Says:

    Interesting blog i hope it continues after the election tomorrow it would provide a good forum for people to air their views about issues.
    Not everyone with an insight and opinion has a place to express their view.
    My wish for tomorrow is change and a fresh and brave group of people willing to question and be questioned. Willing to explain the difficult decisions they will have to make without arrogance and with respect to the voters asking for explanations. Good luck to the eight who get in tomorrow and thank you to those who did not you gave us choice by throwing your hat in the ring and i hope you will scrutinise the actions of the new government. The Falklands are a great place we are a resourcefull muti tallented people remember that and lets move forward with a positive attitude and use all our resouces with wisdom and with the long term future in mind.

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